Is It Subliminal Advertising or a Parlor Trick?

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Is it subliminal advertising or a parlor trick? You decide.

Charles Bennett – Senior VP, IMG Models

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Diego Lowenstein- Lionstone Group (Ritz Carlton Miami Beach and much more)

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Just Scratching The Surface

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While Apple is promoting their iPhone as the next way to interact with digital media, Microsoft is busy pushing their new Microsoft Surface.

If you watched the conversation with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (view it here) you saw them both selling their new technologies as the new model of information convergence. What’s most interesting to me is how these two products are becoming the physical interpretations of these two computer giants’ respective brands.

Don Weller- Illustrator

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Gerry Weber- President, Lady of America Fitness

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The Media Is The Message, Part II

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I always love ads that use the medium they’re presented in to get their message across (see The Media Is The Message, Part I).

I especially like it when WE create the ad — in this case for Lanny Gelfand from Pioneer Roofing, the roofing contractor that has worked with my father for more than 50 years!

What’s Next? Talking Paper??!!

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As a matter of fact, yes.

Digital paper that can speak to you has been created by scientists.

Researchers from Mid Sweden University have constructed an interactive paper billboard that emits recorded sound in response to a user’s touch.

The prototype display uses conductive inks, which are sensitive to pressure, and printed speakers.

The team envisages that the technology could be used by advertisers, and in the future, it might even be employed for product packaging.

Read the whole article here.

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